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Hard times at Angal

May 5th, 2009 | By | Category: News

Dear Piero,
We’ve been here almost a month … what a month!
Flown between issues more pressing, by plugging loopholes, projects to finish (the new block to give decent care to AIDS patients), others to start (the laundry with sterilization).

Nurse and patient's nutrition unit

Nurse and patient

the Nutrition Unit

This is more then the lack of health in Uganda, which makes us have regularly the grant to pay part of salaries to staff and, most seriously, the supply of blood for transfusions.
Leave the rest.

He was very warm, people talked of nothing but the tapioca that was drying in the fields. There was a heavy cloak, an unnerving sense of expectation, a wind that lifted whiffs of red dust that was deposited everywhere. Then, the rain finally . Two days ago.

Now we can breathe. The crop is still behind schedule and people begin to starve. The bench under the tree in front of our house is always crowded with mothers with children around his neck, which arrive from afar, from the villages where land is more arid. My days go well, including listening to those who come to seek help, (and because I speak their language will make long speeches) and reported in units of nutrition, which I found the store nearly empty.

Grandma Alessandrina, who has received from Friends of Italy once again to help on both orphans, both the purchase of the wheelchair is to rebuild the house, destroyed by the weather

For now I’ll deal of shopping, wandering through the markets, to realize exactly the costs. Today I found a Pajana, beautiful beans. Sold them a woman. The unit had a cup. 1000 called for three cups shillings. It has counted 150 and all three, not to lose the account, move with lightning, he threw a bean in his mouth. When there were more, they spit in the hand of Rosalba Anek, who guarded them for the final bill. And when he found himself with 50,000 shillings (about 20 euros), all at once, had an expression of incredulous joy.

I like to mix among the women, talk, even bargain away from Angal, where I do not yet know how mama Klaudia and where the relationship, I think, is more spontaneous and immediate.

But I must tell you also of a special meeting, which I tried vainly for years: that a female figure with mythical and mysterious: the agioga , a little’ witch Mim, healer, evocative of spirits, counselor and so on. I went with Matt (De Mayda).

The Agiòga

He did it through Rosalba Anek. The agioga , which is called Angela, received us graciously in the hut cluttered with amulets and skins of strange animals, where it exerts its powers, and has agreed to give us a paper, falling into a trance. Then he showed us the most dangerous objects used for black magic, she is able to find and “defuse “, led by the vibrations of a large quartz: a small horn filled with fairy dust , plugged with hair, capable, in his hands to absorb the blood of a lamb slain, thus removing the evil eye.

I was impressed by his penetrating eyes, his voice a bit ‘gruff and affectionate with whom I said: I know you very well .

Matteo De Mayda , so … (it was he who convinced me to organize that meeting – and I am grateful that he was a further step to understand the culture and mentality of Alur, the most hidden), remained at Angal three weeks to give a rule on the IT project ( OpenHospital , on behalf of Computers Without Borders ) and to collect photographic material and more useful for our association.

Next it was time dentist Pelligra Francis , which verified the performance of the project SMOM .

After his departure came the Sarti with the children, to spend a holiday here to work. They spent their first vacation, after returning to Italy at the end of their contract of one year, Angal, a very important sign for the people and the hospital staff.

few days will also Dr. John Goldfinch , his fifth mission, which will be taken in the presence of important agreements between the Association and the hospital administration.

‘still here, and fortunately we will stay still for more than a year, Dr. Arianna Bortolani , whose presence is essential. It has not yet taken any days off. Luckily her mom came, Tiziana, to keep them a little ‘company and bring an air of home.

close with a thanks to all the friends that follow us.

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