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Bridges of Solidarity

May 21st, 2010 | By | Category: Board

from “Arena” newspaper, Monday, May 17, 2010 CHRONICLE page 15

BRIDGES OF SOLIDARITY. Next Monday and doctors Marsiaj Salvi in San Benedetto in Valdonega – On the track the Friends of Aber, hope for African patients.

Aber Friends, the group founded in the 60s to support a new mission hospital in Uganda, Aber, will organize next Monday, May 24, at 20.45, in the parish of St. Benedict Valdonega an open meeting with Dr. Mario Marsiaj and his wife Claudia, who will tell about their experiences in Uganda, at Angal hospital.

They assist hospitals in Uganda, Malawi, Chad and Congo. An exhibition of handicrafts to raise funds.

The meeting will be an opportunity to consider the forty years experience of the group, which includes Dr. Giorgio Salvi who committed himself in the ’60s as a doctor in Uganda. “That experience was also an opportunity for the establishment of a partnership between the hospitals of Verona – whose president was Jean-Baptiste Rossi at the time – and two other Uganda missionary hospitals, by sending doctors, qualified staff and specialists for an exchange of experiences, “says Salvi, introducing the evening with fellow Marsiaj. Italian doctors are still numerous, particularly those sent by Cuamm from Padova, working in northern Uganda, along with Ugandan doctors. Among these it is particularly famous the hospital in Gulu, now university, supported by a foundation once headed by the Italian-Canadian Piero and Lucille Corti who taught to Dr. Salvi. Dr. Corti and his wife, who also led to a film screened by RAI, have given their lives to that hospital. Marsiaj, who later would found in Negrar the Department of Tropical Medicine, worked in those years at Angal Hospital, also in northern Uganda, and still regularly goes to give his support. The group Friends of Aber has expanded over time to support other African hospitals. It is currently helping Angal hospital as well as a hospital in Malawi, one in Chad and another in the north east of Congo.
“We especially try to send regularly contributions to support ongoing initiatives mainly in the prevention and cure of child diseases,” says Salvi, recalling that “the group maintains through regular contributions of members and other supporters and through initiatives promoted twice a year, during May and December.
The next exhibition-sale of African handcrafts will take place from Wednesday 26 to Friday, May 28 (next week) in a room of the church of Santa Maria della Scala (Verona). The experiences of Marsiaj and Salvi will be presented on Monday taking its cue from a journey or pilgrimage made by Dr. Gianfranco Carletti in the Algerian Sahara, following the footsteps of Charles de Foucauld, recently made saint. EG

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