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News from Amici di Angal

May 15th, 2010 | By | Category: Newsreport

notiziario n.5 amici di angalThe periodical publication News from Amici di Angal number 5 has just been released. It is entirely edited by our section form Turin, and it is currently being distributed among associates and friends who have asked to receive it.

Anyone wishing to receive a copy can leave his details to

In the latest number

  • Chronicles from Angal
  • New projects and achievements
  • And far from Angal…
  • Testimonials
    • Mal d’Africa (by Arturo Peruffo)
    • “Under (african) jazz stars” (by Maurizio Morandi)
    • Angal… 29 years ago (by Carlo Spagnolli)
  • Women threads: Klaùdia tells a story – Don ibedi, Karla
  • Story corner: The elephant and the chameleon

Amici di Angal News number 5 can be downloaded here in integral form in PDF for an easier read.

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