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Rwoth omeri

Jun 15th, 2010 | By | Category: News

Father Mario Zecca of the Comboni Missionaries, lives at Angal since ’93 and he’s currently the mission pastor. He is also a dear “friend” of our Association and has participated several times to the general meetings (Angal day). He is in the Board of Governors of the Hospital and he’s always taken part to the decisions concerning the management of St.Luke’s H.

He was the promoter of the project “AIDS orphans”, and he is currently in charge of it. Last March he returned to Italy for a period of three months of vacation and now he is preparing to leave for Angal. In a letter addressed to all who were close to him in this period he wants to thank them all.

Dear friends,
It ‘s time to get on the flight. Africa awaits, the Lord calls me!

It’s been a great joy to spend time with you. Blessed be the Lord!
I remember the beautiful moments of prayer together in the holy days of Easter, the wonderful celebration of patron saint, the shrine, where the streets have surrounded the Lady of light, prayer and acts of love. Things will never forget!

We tried to contemplate the beauty of our Christian faith to get us free from a faith perhaps a little drive by habit, sometimes cold and joyless … I enjoyed your friendship and generosity in your homes and streets. We enlighten each other by listeinng two very clear words of Jesus as he died and rose again: “Come, blessed by the Father in the kingdom prepared for you! – Stay away from me, ye cursed, into everlasting fire prepared for you!”. We should remember both of these aspects to be able to earn the first and avoid the other … What a disaster if we don’t!!!

Bless you and thank you wholeheartedly for all the help received from your generosity.
Personally I am always very shy to accept bids from you beceuse I know how difficult life is. Should I tell you that I do not need them? I’d lie if I did, because all the missions, and also of mine at Angal, are so full with orphans, children and young people unable to pay school fees, clinic and hospital which are under-funded to treat many AIDS patients, TB, malaria, malnutrition etc.

For this reasons you are so blessed by God when you share and react to the – certainly not at all Christian – excesses and waste at parties, baptisms, first communions, confirmations, weddings, gifts etc.. I myself felt so embarrassed. I believe the Lord does not want this. Jesus once said: “Man do not live just by bread…” It seems however that in such cases the so-called “bread” is excessively and unreasonably too much…

Beyond a reasonable reaction to my observation, which is not aimed to blame anyone, it would be a courageous Christian reversal to avoid the risk of using too much bread for us and leave the stones for those who really need bread … God expects it.
It ‘s a challenge.

I will continue to pray for you, thinking of you all, especially young people who are aften very disoriented by such little faith in us adults …

Thank you very much! Rwoth omeri = The Lord loves you !
P. Mario Zecca

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