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Leader Convention

Sep 27th, 2010 | By | Category: Board, Latest news

Casciana Terme (Pisa) 4 settembre 2010 – The initiative of the owners of Leader SpA in Florence – to help Angal Hospital continues.

Leader is a company specialized in organizing training courses for plant engineers in the field of photovoltaic panels. They first knew Angal through a friend and supporter, dr.Paolo Rocco Viscontini, owner of Enerpoint, who, besides building two houses for the nurses, also provided a solar panels emplant at Angal Hospital.

For three years, during these classes, the organizers propose several initiatives to support the projects of our Association and since two years thet have invited Mario and Claudia to present these projects during their annual convention, which brings together their employees (over 200) from all over Italy.

Once again, the meeting was very rewarding especially for the warm welcome received from a public which is already sensitized and very interested in what the association is trying to do to ensure that the hospital in Angal continues to help the poor , especially the children.

So thanks a lot particularly to the founders of Leader, Mr. Belsole and Prosperi, to Mr. Giannone and Falini and to all the organizing Team .

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