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Letter from Angal

Nov 22nd, 2010 | By | Category: Latest news, News

I’ve received this letter from my mother, I’m going to share it even if it contains some personal parts.

Dear Piero, I finally send you some news from Angal. First of all I’ll tell you about your playmate Maikol who came and asked some financial help because his wife had to face the fourth cesarean. Do you remember Maikol? A little shy, slightly uncoordinated, always smiling, a bit ‘late on the uptake? Of course I helped him and he told me to greet you.

Many people ask me news about you, your children, Elena and all of them hope that you’ll return.

And now some news about the hospital. I could give them a title: lights and shadows on Angal … We’ve been here just a week after more than a year’s absence and we are already completely buried in this reality, every days’ large and small problems.

At our arrival we were greeted cheerfully with “akka yoohoo”, “afoyo Mungo” (thank God) for our return, and even some Amen! On the whole the hospital is working well, thanks to the fact that there’s now 5 doctors. Dr. Arianna Bortolani (who had replaced Dr. Sarti, both sent from Cuamm) returned to Italy a few months ago after two years of work and outstanding achievements. She has greatly improved the organization of services. The patients miss her, they say she was always there, always ready to run for any call. We hope that her example will not be forgotten soon.

Unfortunately – and these are the shadows – in the Nutrition Unit things have changed, more or less as I was expecting… The problem of malnourished children has often been underestimated by local staff. After receiving his warm embrace and his expressions of “welcome back”, I reminded to the Administrator Mr. Simon, who is always very careful to the Hospital needs, that the budget for the Nutrition Unit will always be covered by Italian donors, so there should be NO restrictions in spending or budget shortages.

The general impression is that the team that leads the hospital is able and willing, but we feel that our presence (I mean not necessarily us, but at least some representative of our association) is still required from time to time, as well as the presence of technicians and specialists. Giorgio Rodolfi, our “Solar Man”, has just gone back. He has been following for years the maintenance of the photovoltaic system and also the dentist Pierpaolo Bo took over the situation of the dental ambulatory and referred to the administration about the new contract between SMOM and Hospital.

The project for people with AIDS, conducted by Sister Stella, is going on well. Even today, she and a handful of volunteers (all patients sick with AIDS), left on a truck for a tour in the villages, so that people can understand that they can be cured and live a decent life even with this disease.

We have already visited about seventy orphans in Angal area, many more will be visited next Friday and Saturday, unless it rains, as we move to Parombo. Here too, this year, there was too much rain (good for tapioca, bad for other products) and the road to Parombo, especially near the bridges, has become dangerous.

Every day in the shade of the courtyard in front of our house it gets crowded, as usual when we are here, from people who have problems or want to sell me something or ask something. This is Angal, this is our home.

Hugs to you all.

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