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Remembering Justine

May 26th, 2011 | By | Category: News

Sunday, May 22 Justine died suddenly in Kampala where he had gone to pick up drugs for the hospital. Probably due to a heart attack, despite he was still young.
This news has deeply saddened all of us, and we want to share some thoughts with all the friends of Angal who knew him.
Justine has been the hospital driver for more than 10 years. He was a reliable, prudent and experienced driver. For us and for all the doctors and friends who had been arriving at Entebbe airport, it was usual to find Justine, waiting patiently just across the arrivals, and it was like feeling at home, you could finally rely on him for the rest of the trip till Angal .
We all remember his “welcome Daktari”, friendly and warm, but without the fuss … then the first question for him was, always the same “is it raining?” because that was definitely the most important news that regulated the life of the village.
We all remember his perfect self-control when the traffic used to become chaotic in Kampala, it always gave us a feeling of confidence having him at the wheel, and then how not to remember his kind availability at any time and his enormous patience.
It will be difficult for the hospital Administration to find a replacement for him, and it will be impossible for us to forget him, after all the times we’ve traveled with him. Having lunch together along the way, under a tree, following his smart directions. How to forget his patience when he used to take us along to seek food for the Nutrition Unit in the various village markets (Nyaravur, Paydha, Pa Jani, Parombo …), always careful and professional, at our side.
Justine was one of those discreet people, of whom almost no one notices, but when they are gone they leave a big void behind. Thank you Justine.

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