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Our work at Angal

Jul 3rd, 2013 | By | Category: Latest news, News

Mario and Claudia are in Angal, they left on June 6th, they’ll be back soon. They just sent this update to let everyone know that they are well and working hard. They are a little tired, perhaps, but they keep going. I publish it straight away.

mario-claudia-giannico-lilly-ad-angalWhat is our job like here? We are checking all the projects , all aspects of the managment, all small and large issues that we find in the various departments, all the administrative aspects (fuel consumption, drugs, the Nutrition Unit, the operation of sterilizers, solar panels, water pipes, the state of the houses that are home to the doctors sent by the Friends of Angal, and so on).

We visited the 164 orphans of the parish of Angal and the 89 of Parombo. In general we found them well. From Parombo we have brought immediately to Angal a child with suspected tuberculosis which was then confirmed. Here you will be taken good care. I then checked one by one along with the head nurse Judith, the poor who come every 15 days to take a help with the food (rice, sugar, oil, cssava, soap, dried fish). There are other requirements, but we can not increase their number, so we tried to assess with care the most urgent needs, those who are having children that can help them – for instance – have less urgent needs than others. A screening that we don’t like, because I wish I could help everyone.

Then there were the inevitable meetings with the Bishop and all the staff to reiterate what the mission of the Hospital and what should be the attitude of those who work here … and to listen to suggestions, requests, or complaints from them. Then the meetings with the Chief and the Superintendent to check with them the implementation of the Five-Year Plan. Finally with the Board of Governors , consisting of 19 people (representatives of the hospital, the district, the diocese and other non-profit hospitals, the Mission, and of the Friends of Angal, plus the Bishop). Usually this session lasts for hours, and nobody wants to miss it, because the Alur really like the formal part of the meeting and love to talk, talk, but also to listen. They are worshipers of the word…

For me then there is the acceptance of all people in need of help, who every day flock to the famous bench, located under the palm tree we planted nearly 50 years ago…

There have been tragic events , such as the death of a boy 11 years old, after much suffering, because of AIDS, and the sudden, probably of heart failure depart of the son of a staff: Bitrex , who has already lost 6 children. Today, however, I cried, but with joy, because of the visit of a blind boy , which we met long ago and helped in his study career, who now teaches Braille.

There were other meetings that we have confirmed that our presence here is still important . We concluded that a month here is too little. Next year we’ll stay more. Goodbye, see you soon.

PS: One of the nice surprises we had a visit from Lilly, who has joined us from Kampala. You can imagine our delight and emotion.

(Photo: Mario, Claudia, Louis P., Lilly Ajarova, Director of CSWCT, the Chimpanzee Sanctuary of Ngamba Island , and the judge Gian Nico Rodighiero from Vicenza who, after his first, adventurous journey to Angal 45 years ago, wanted to revive that unforgettable experience with us).

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