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The Hospital

The Hospital currently hosts 280 beds (divided in: Male Ward: 51 beds, Female Ward: 39 beds, Pediatric Ward 113 beds, Maternity 56 beds, Insulation 21 beds), it’s equipped with a chemical and microbiological analyses Laboratory, X-Rays and a Surgical theatre.

Last year there have been 11.300 admittancies, 8.000 of which in pediatric ward with a death rate near 10% (first death cause: malaria); 32.000 ambulatorial visits, 211.000 vaccinations done. The mean bed occupancy rate is higher than 100% (many patients sleep on the ground). The Hospital employs 136 people of whom only 4 are doctors.

The hospital serves an area of around 50km with a population of about 120.000 people.

The hospital has a total yearly budget of 400.000 € (about 500,000 US$). The funds come mainly from Uganda Government (52%), from hospital fees (14%) which we try to keep as low as possible and from private donations (34%).

Dr. Mario Marsiaj together with his wife Claudia founded Amici di Angal Association after working in this hospital during 9 years for “Medici con l’Africa Cuamm” – an Italian NGO (since 1966). They have both worked throughout these 39 years constantly helping the Hospital both financially and with their work, especially in the most difficult moments of this Country.