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The projects

Besides helping the Hospital, our Association is very busy carrying on a number of projects mostly targeted to children.
The most significant ones are:

A) AIDS orphans assistance project

B) Protein Care Project

C) Free admittance for children

D) Samaritan Fund

In the last years, by means of the funds collected by the Association, a number of important structural changes have been made to the Hospital (a new drain facility, the making of new building for isolating cases with highly infective diseases, the widening of the Pediatric Ward which is always overcrowded, a new solar electrical emplant, the restructuring of the Nutrition Unit) and more, some employers of the hospital which have proved to be particularly willing and deserving have also been rewarded with specialisation courses. The Association also takes care of a continuous technological improvement of the Hospital, getting new instruments and organizing related courses for local workers to attend.

We also want to mention another project which is not strictly followed by our association:

E) Open Hospital

founded and directed by Girolamo Botter, responsable for the information systems of “Gruppo SME”, currently president of the association Informatici Senza Frontiere.