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AIDS Orphans

* AIDS orphans assistance project

The sad situation of orphans revealed itself suddenly at the beginning of year 2000. Till a few years ago in a rural society like Angal’s one, there was not such a problem. Orphans were simply accepted and looked after within the larger families, most often by some uncle. Since when AIDS started taking away adults though, many families ended up consisting mostly in elders and children and the increasing number of orphans became just too high to stand upon many families’ shoulders, for the lack of resources.

To afford this terrible situation we agreed with the Comboni Fathers to start a project to help at least the most difficult cases. We decided not to start any fixed and organized structure, mostly for practical reasons, we did rather start helping directly families which accepted to take care and grow one or more orphans. Sometimes it is even difficult to identify those cases, for a number of reasons, including a vast number of different situations, sometimes linked to the fact that this society has very different rules than those we are used to.

Upon suggestion of local collaborators we started helping financially those families once or twice a month. This contribution must be considered a temporary help to get on with emergencies and should not end up becoming a dependency on foreign contributors, mostly because it would otherwise pollute the genuine culture based on acceptance which is deeply part of this tribal society and could be easily overwhelmed by the vast proportions of this problem.

All difficult cases are carefully examined by to local collaborators, two faithful and determined people on which we totally rely upon. Twice a month they meet the candidate families and those which have already been found entitled, they give them the money agreed and they gather all useful news about how the orphan is helped with this money.

Twice a year all the orphans’ health is checked by Dr. Marsiaj and wife. Data about weight, height, personal hygiene, clothes and the general conditions are written in a book and kept registered.

Remote assistance of AIDS orphans in Africa:

For supporting financially this project (i.e. to provide all elementary life-support needs of an orphan – health check, food, school) we have calculated it is enough a daily help of HALF EURO (about 70 US cents). This sums up to 200 € (259 US$) for a year. This assistance has started on 1/1/2001.

Today the total number of orphans which receive this support is 196.
(updated 25 May 2005)

30 November 2005 update. 6 children have entered the programme, which brings the total number to 202.

You may help us supporting an orphan by offering the amount necessary to pay him life-support expenses for one year, with a secure payment through Paypal.

To donate via Paypal you may just click on the logo above (if you are not registered on Paypal you may do it during the transaction, but you don’t need it. You may even just donate with a Credit Card, VISA, Mastercard).

Support an orphan child in Angal for one year with your donation (200€)