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Samaritan Fund

* For the poor amongst the poors

Through this fund we are able to provide the life-saving medicines free to poor patients affected by cronic diseases (i.e. diabetes with dependency upon insuline, heart diseases, hypertension with need of heart medicines or diuretics, epilepsy in treatment with barbiturics, etc…) which regularly come to the dispensary.

Besides that, this fund covers the expenses for patients which have no money to pay Hospital fees or which require treatment in other hospitals (i.e. Arua Hospital). The total expenses on this fund have been 7300 € in year 2004 – i.e. 9,500 US$)

You may help us supporting the Samaritan Fund, with a secure payment through Paypal.

To donate via Paypal you may just click on the logo above (if you are not registered on Paypal you may do it during the transaction, but you don’t need it. You may even just donate with a Credit Card, VISA, Mastercard).

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